Rule # 1. Part 1.

One rule I  learned when I first moved to Minneapolis is that the men from St. Paul are not it. My coworker referred to them as “trash”. This is one rule that I keep breaking. Le sigh.

I met this guy on Tinder. He messaged me and we had a pretty good brief conversation. The conversation didn’t go too deep, but I was intrigued by him.   I went to California for a wedding and didn’t speak to him much while I was gone. When I got back, we continued the conversation and that Sunday night decided to be spontaneous and meet up an hour later.  He picked Elsie’s in North East Minneapolis. Elsie’s is a bowling alley with a bar and restaurant. He wanted to go bowling, but I knew that I didn’t bowl and was gonna convince him to just hang out at the bar.  I am pretty persuasive.

He was coming from St. Paul and had about a 15 minute drive to get to the bar. I get there first and head to the bar.  He arrives about 5 minutes later and he meets me at the bar. I persuade him to lets just hang out at the bar and have some drinks because who really likes to bowl?!

We end up ordering some tequila shots and wings. Because honestly, idk if my body can even look at Jameson anymore.   We ended up sharing some of the sweet thai chili wings and they were really good; I recommend those. We start the usual conversation. Find out that he was born and raised in St. Paul and still lives there, dad to two boys, owns a home in St. Paul, owns his own barber shop and is opening a new location. Has a past, but has definitely grown and matured from that past. He seemed to have everything together and going in the right direction. I had a really good time, enjoyed the conversation and his company.  I couldn’t really read him as far as a second date happening. We had a few more drinks but decided to call it a night because it was late and I had work at 8:00 a.m. He walks me to my car gives me a nice long hug and a kiss on the cheek. The hug was awkwardly long, like he just needed a hug in his life and someone to hold him. He text me to make sure I made it home and let me know he made it home safe. Men that check on you really get points from me!

I ended up hearing from him about 2 days later and we just text and chatted on the phone for the next few days. His schedule wasn’t ideal for someone trying to date him because he had the already existing barber shop Tuesday- Saturday. He worked security at a bar in downtown St. Paul every other weekend Friday -Sunday and the weekends he didn’t work at the bar he had his kids Sunday-Sunday and their respective activities. Plus trying to build and open the new shop. Really hard to fit someone in that schedule.

Had to try to get in where I fit it, so he suggested I come check out the bar where he does security. He ensured me it was probably gonna be a slow night and he would be able to give me some attention. So I made my girl come with me just in case he wasn’t able to spend some time with me. I convinced her the bar was cool and we could possibly find someone for her to talk to seeing as it was a Friday night. Thank god she took on for the team because the bar was trash.  I quickly learned St. Paul is kinda trash in every aspect.

We get to the bar and he is at the door checking ids. I see him smile from ear to ear when he saw me. This made me blush.  We go in, order some drinks and sit at the table next to the door so he could still work. I feel bad because my friend looks so pissed off at me.  Eventually his friend arrived and tried to game my girl up. Epic fail! But they seemed to have good conversation so they ended up leaving the bar and drove to another bar in lowertown St. Paul, leaving me there by myself.

This bar is interesting. They have a band or a DJ there on the weekends and a lot of the crowd is from the hockey games or concerts, besides that it’s pretty dead. If you’ve ever been to St. Paul, you know how it’s so dead. But while he had to work I enjoyed watching the drunkies! So damn entertaining.  Friends ended up coming back and we all went outside to the front patio and just hung out. The weather was still beautiful as it was mid September and the evenings were perfect.

We are talking and this homeless lady comes up to him and asks him for a glass of water (in theeee most annoying voice) , he immediately tells her to leave him the fuck alone and get out of here. My face was like  big eye emoji! I was like woahhhh, immediately red flag for me. I did not like how he spoke to her at all. He then explained to me how this woman comes up to his bar and harass the customers and asks for stuff all the time.  And then I saw it first hand. This lady must of asked the table to get her water at least 5 times. Even took a glass off of our table and drank it. She only left when another customer cussed her out . So then I let him slide.

He is being super cute when we are all together, he was holding my hand when we were sitting on the patio. It’s like 1:50 a.m. at this point and the bar is getting ready to close. My friend looks dead tired and wanted to get home. So we said our goodbyes to everyone and he reaches in for the long ass hug again. I think this time was longer. But it was nice, I love hugs and I love hugs when they aren’t half ass. After the hug he gives me a kiss on the cheek, and then one of us, not sure who, goes in for the kiss. It was a really nice kiss. I definitely enjoy when a man can kiss, and thankfully he wasn’t trying to kiss me like a creep. Didn’t stick his tongue down my throat or anything inappropriate like that.  I ended up heading home and get a text again making sure I made it safe. Safe to say I saw him again, and again, and again. Think I might not throw this one back in the lake yet.

Stay tuned to see why the #1 rule of dating in Minnesota applied to Mr. St. Paul.  

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